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Exhaust fan hinges can be a routine problem for restaurant kitchens. In Nevada, the fire codes (NFPA 96) require exhaust fans to be hinged. This allows thorough cleaning of the duct below the fan and the fan itself. You can significantly increase the life of the fan by installing hinges, it is also required by code. If you take an unhinged fan off and set it on the roof during the cleaning and repairing process, you increase the likelihood of damaging the exhaust fan because they are made of soft aluminum. By hinging the fan you eliminate removal of the fan by simply tilting back the fan to allow complete access to your fan system. As you may know, if fans are not hinged, they can get out of balance causing them to vibrate and emit noise. This can cause damage to your fans electrical wiring making which could cause unexpected and costly damage.

Our facility is fully stocked with exhaust fan hinges and can fit most exhaust systems. We get the work done right the first time so you can pass any unexpected inspection. You could get fined for not having the proper fan hinges in place. The favorite “go to” for inspectors is the exhaust fan hinges. If you don’t have the proper exhaust fan installed you could get fined. So, what are you waiting for? Call us or click our Contact Us page today to get your hinges either inspected or installed. You can also visit our About page to know more about our company.

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Las Vegas Hood Cleaning proudly serves most of Southern Nevada & all of the Las Vegas Metro area for exhaust fan hinges and is fully bonded, certified and insured.

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