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Did you know that the fire codes in Nevada comply with NFPA 96. These laws require exhaust fans to be hinged. This will allow our crew to throughly clean the fan and the entire duct below it. The hinges not only increase the life of the fan, it is required by code. Made of a soft aluminum, exhaust fans can be easily damaged during the repair and/or cleaning process just by taking an unhinged fan off and setting it down on the roof. Eliminating the need to remove the fan allows the fan to be tilted back giving complete access to the fan system. If the fan is not hinged, it can go out of balance and can start to vibrate thus making a loud noise. Also, if a fan is not hinged, electrical wiring can become damaged and become a fire hazard.


Our system will “deep clean” the kitchen equipment at your restaurant way beyond what your restaurant staff will clean. Lack of professional cleaning can cause contaminated buildup on the floors, walls and kitchen equipment. Our crew will the latest in steam cleaning equipment technology using FDA approved chemicals. Our system will get your kitchen so clean you could “eat off the floor”!


In NFPA 96 there is a requirement that access panels on duct systems to change direction every 12 feet. This will allow or technicians to thoroughly clean the duct system by getting into all the nooks and crannies.

Also required by code are exhaust fan clean out ports. The ports are a mini access panel allowing complete cleaning and inspection of the exhaust fan. Clean out ports (fan access panels) help our crew gain access to throughly clean the back sides of the blades of the fan. Lack of clean out ports results in grease buildup on the blades of the fan. If there is grease buildup, the fan will become off-balance and begin to vibrate resulting in a loud noise. The vibration can wear out the fan bearings and belts prematurely resulting in costly repair and loss of time.


Replacing and maintaining hood filters in a commercial kitchen exhaust hood is vital to your healthy kitchen. Grease bevel filters and hood filters are made to remove the grease laden vapors from the air. This prevents contaminating the exhaust hood ducts. Thus properly maintaining filters helps defend against grease fires in your restaurant.

Cleaning Hood Filters: Cleaning hood filters every day keeps them free of grease. It will also maximize the filtering capability. You can wash your hood filters if you have a high temperature dishwasher. However, we don’t recommend using a dishwasher if your filters are galvanized or aluminum. Commercial dishwasher use harsh chemicals that could cause a galvanized or aluminum hood filter to corrode or turn color.

Replacing Your Hood Filters: It is vital that you conduct regular visual inspection of your hood filters at your restaurant. If your filters become corroded or dented or cannot be easily cleaned, you must replace them. Las Vegas Hood Cleaning allows our customers to purchase them from us at our cost. We can measure, deliver and install the new grease baffle filters at no charge. We sell only stainless steel hood filters because they are very durable and can be easily cleaned.


Every restaurant owner knows that restaurant oil and grease can create a fire hazard and roof damage. The design of exhaust fans permits the removal of grease vapors from your kitchen, however, a lot of the grease can and will leak onto the roof of the restaurant. This can cause deterioration of the roof material as food grease is acidic.

It is recommended to prevent the grease from causing damage to the roof to install on all of your exhaust fans rooftop grease containment. If a rooftop grease containment system is designed right, it will allow rain water to drain while they grease containment system will hold and collect excess grease. The best rooftop grease containment systems will have “hydrophobic” pads. These pads are designed to hold onto the grease while shedding water. If you have just a grease box, excess grease without the pads in your fan can cause grease and rain water to overflow onto your roof.

Las Vegas Hood Cleaning will install and maintain a cost effect system. It will protect your roof and keep you from having costly repairs because of rooftop grease. Each time you have our technicians out to clean your kitchen exhaust they will also clean your rooftop grease containment system. This is an inexpensive way to protect your roof from rooftop grease.


It is imperative to have portable fire extinguisher in your restaurant kitchen. These fire extinguishers must be properly maintained and fully charged. If a fire extinguisher is not maintained, it can cause severe damage to your employees, customers and business.

Las Vegas Hood Cleaning has Certified Partners who will document each piece of equipment who will conduct Annual Maintenance and keep you in compliance.

Let Las Vegas Hood Cleaning into your restaurant kitchen to inspect your fire safety needs. We can then help you install the measure you need to keep your employees and business safe.


Las Vegas Hood Cleaning also offers kitchen fire suppression system service and installation. This is the best way to maintain your system. This will give you a reliable and effective way to stay in compliance with standards. Our technicians will custom design and install your kitchen fire suppression system. They will then routinely inspect your kitchen fire system to be sure it is up to code.

May times “cookie cutter” fire suppression methods may case more damage than a fire. Las Vegas Hood Cleaning installs and services Special Hazard Suppression systems for Fire Protection. These systems are designed to suppress and detect fires in seconds. This will be your best resource to keep your employees, customers and business safe from smoke, water and fire damage.


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