We will Clean the Entire Exhaust System from Cook-Top to Roof-Top

LAS VEGAS HOOD CLEANING separates itself from other Las Vegas hood cleaning competition by inspecting and cleaning the entire system beyond the hood. Our kitchen exhaust system cleaning ALWAYS includes the fan(s) on the roof, all accessible duct from the roof to the kitchen exhaust hood, the interior and exterior of the exhaust hood, and the grease baffle filters.


Our cleaners are certified, properly trained, and highly qualified to inspect and clean your entire system to meet or exceed NFPA Standard-96. They will inspect and clean the entire system including every inch of the ductwork and the exhaust fan on the roof. Using digital photography, they will take photos of the entire kitchen exhaust system and ductwork including photos of the rooftop area to identify any potential problems with your roof. This will take the stress off of you assuring your system is maintained to the highest quality standard of hood cleaning. Don’t wait for your exhaust system to become contaminated with grease, call Las Vegas Hood Cleaning today.

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How did it all begin?

Funny story. I was an only child in a split household. Mom was in Las Vegas. Dad was in Los Angeles. This wasn't terrible until I was a teen. Then I wanted to get a job but couldn't because every time I would get one, I'd get sent to the opposite parent's house. Crap! But I was telling a friend's father about this and he invited me to work on his hood cleaning crew anytime I was in Los Angeles. So, I did - and I really liked hood cleaning. A lot.

After working with him for several months, I started to meet great people that ran restaurants in Los Angeles. I really enjoyed the people. So, next time I was back at my mother's place in Las Vegas, I sought out another hood cleaner company to work for there too.

Eventually, I went to college (UNLV of course). I kept doing hood cleaning throughout college. Since I graduated with a degree in Marketing, I thought the next step would be to run a hood cleaning company. I found a guy that was burnt out on working and I asked him to let me manage his teams. I tripled the amount of business he was doing - but there never seemed to be any incentive for me.

So eventually, I opened my own company. And one of my big goals was to incentivize my team members to do great work and to incentivize my team leaders to treat the clients with great care. Now my little hood cleaning venture is growing because of it!

I certainly hope that you'll call us and give us a shot at earning your business. I want to be the biggest hood cleaning company in Las Vegas. But also, I want to be the best hood cleaning company in Las Vegas. And I'm only going to achieve those goals if we do really great work and you love us as much as we love you! (too mushy? maybe. but I'm leaving it in).

We just opened up in Portland too. Check out our site there: https://portlandhoodcleaningpros.com/

Give us a call or visit our About page to know more about our services. We'd love to give you great service!(702) 930-8084


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